iOS 16 Full Features And Release Date

by Fahad Mahar

The majority of the features of iOS 16 were known to most users prior to the formal announcement due to leaks. There had been numerous rounds of leaks from various credible sources, and it appears that most of the reports were correct. Every week, we learn about new iOS 16 leaks. Now that Apple has released all of the new features of iOS 16, let’s learn everything there is to know about it.

If you own an iPhone or an iPad, you must be looking forward to iOS 16/iPadOS 16. You must also be interested in learning more about iOS 16. Let’s take a look at the iOS 16 release date, compatible iPhones, new features, and everything else that’s available.

iOS 16 Release Date

On the first day of the WWDC event, Apple officially revealed iOS 16. And it is a major advance, particularly in terms of lock screen personalization. Soon after the Apple Keynote, the iOS 16 Beta was made available to developers. In addition, Apple promised a public beta that will be accessible in July. We believe it will come in the second half of July.

Finally, the stable build of the iOS 16 Public Build will be released this fall. Apple will hold an event in the fall as they have done for years. On that occasion, a new iPhone will be unveiled, along with the public beta of iOS 16. The main event could happen in September.

iOS 16 Full Features

After numerous leaks and rumors, iOS 16 has finally been released, and the first developer beta of iOS 16 is now available. On the first day of the WWDC event, Apple revealed iOS 16, which includes numerous new features and enhancements. Check out all of iOS 16’s new features and let us know which one is your favorite.

iOS 16 Full Features
iOS 16 Full Features

Lock Screen:

Let’s start with the all-new lock screen, because why not, it is where most of the changes have been done.

With iOS 16, you can now personalize your home screen as you want. On the lock screen, you can set any photo of your choice with other options like different font styles, set widgets, and other useful information.

  • Widgets – Available widgets include weather, calendar events, battery levels, activity ring progress, time zones, and more.
  • Multiple lock screens – You can create multiple lock screens and you can easily switch between them.
  • New Wallpaper Gallery – iOS 16 now has a new wallpaper gallery. From there you can select from various wallpapers including some animated wallpapers.
  • New Notification Layout – Notification will now show in a new layout that will not take much space on the lock screen.
iOS 16 Full Features
iOS 16 Full Features
  • Live Activities – At the same place as notification, iPhone with iOS 16 will show the live activity tracking feed such as food delivery tracking, scores, and more.

New Focus Setup & Filter

iOS 16 Full Features
iOS 16 Full Features

Focus is already available, but it is now simple to set up. When a certain focus is set, users can quickly select which apps and persons they want to receive notifications from. Changing the lock screen is now as simple as changing the focus. By selecting Focus, you can filter out distracting content from regular apps.

Photo Sharing

Family members can share photos in a Library where connected family members can see and contribute to that library.


Messages also received useful upgrades. Users can now undo send messages and even edit messages within 15 minutes of sending the message.

Live Text & Photos

iOS 16 Full Features
iOS 16 Full Features

The live text was already available but it is better. Users can pause the video at any time and can copy the text from that frame. And from any image users can copy any subject from the photo and share it with others.

Other Features:

  • SharePlay via Messages
  • Dictation
  • Maps improvements
  • Apple Pay Later
  • Share Digital Keys securely
  • Reimagined Home app
  • Manage child accounts easily
  • Next-generation of Carplay
  • Privacy and Security
  • More features are available here

And a couple of weeks before the WWDC event Apple unveiled new accessibility features. And these features are also coming with iOS 16 which Apple has also mentioned on the iOS 16 official page. These features include Door Detection, Apple Watch Mirroring, Offline Live Captions, Sound Detection, and more.

iOS 16 Full Features
iOS 16 Full Features

With time users will discover new features on iOS 16, stay with us as we are going to update this list of iOS 16 Full Features.

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