How to install CrDroid 9.0 Android 13 on Redmi Note 11 and Redmi Note 11 NFC

by Fahad Mahar

How to install CrDroid 9.0 Android 13 on Redmi Note 11 and Redmi Note 11 NFC

CrDroid 9.0 is the well-known and the best stock Android Custom Roms from Google. CrDroid 9.0 is more powerful and have more customization option than other Roms So Today will show you how to install the CrDroid 9.0 ROM based on Android 13 on Redmi Note 13.

CrDroid is an AOSP-based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, boot animation.

Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential and useful features for the proper functioning of the device.

Features of CrDroid 9.0

With crDroid, you get lots of customization options not compromising on performance or security.

Status Bar & Quick Settings

Customize what icons you see as well as the effects and the number of QS rows and columns.

Lock screen

Your lock screen is what your friends will see first, so impress them from the beginning.

Navigation and buttons

Choose from gesture nav or old-school nav buttons as well as customize what your hardware buttons do.

User interface

Your phone, your style… Set a dark mode on or off and choose your colors.

Notifications and sounds

Set how notifications behave and how different parts of the UI react to your sounds.


Game mode, smart charging, pocket detection, yes you can customize that also.

Always up-to-date

Being up to date means a lot to us.

  •  Security is always a priority
  •  At least once a month security updates pushed to the source
  •  We cherish and treasure the privacy of our users

As soon as we build and test every release, we will push updates.

Source control

crDroid is maintained by a small group of developers.

Those developers donate their free time towards the project. We do our best to bring a quality OS to your device, while working a real job on the side in most cases.

Our project will always be open source so that others can build and contribute also. We do encourage everyone to contribute on our GitHub.


Some crDroid settings screenshots so you know what you can customize on the go




• Updated to November security patch
• Synced latest crDroid 9.x source
• Updated blobs from SPESGlobal V13.0.5.0-A12
• Updated prebuilt kernel from SPESGlobal V13.0.5.0-A12
• Switched to AIDL ClearKey DRM HAL
• Added ultrawide camera support for Aperture
• Fixed statusbar padding issue
• Misc. Fixes and Improvements

Known Bugs

  • Zoom video meetings app green camera issue
  • VoWiFi doesn’t work


  • Clean flash recommended
  • Compatible with spes and spesn variant

How to install CrDroid 9.0 Android 13 ROM on Redmi Note 11

Please Note this Rom will work only on Redmi Note 11 (Spes) and Redmi Note 11 NFC (Spesn). The process of installing CrDroid 9.0 on Redmi Note 11 is pretty much simple and it will be easier for those who are familiar with installing Custom Roms on their Android Phones So without any further due let’s get started.

Step 1. Make sure the bootloader of your phone is unlocked (The Bootloader unlocking video is down below must check if your Bootloader is not yet unlocked).

Youtube: Pixel Roms

Step 2. After unlocking the Bootloader of your device install TWRP Recovery on your Redmi Note 11 (Download TWRP Recovery from here and watch the installation video from below).

Youtube: Mod Provider

Step 3. After installing TWRP Recovery on Redmi Note 11. Download the CrDroid 9.0 ROM from the link below.

Step 4. So After downloading the Rom store it in the internal storage or in the SD Card or any External storage device.

Step 5. Reboot your Redmi Note 11 into the TWRP Recovery by pressing and holding the Power button + Volume button for 3-5 seconds.

Step 6. Format the data or go to advanced wipe and select and wipe everything except internal storage and sd card.

Step 7. Now go to install and flash downloaded CrDroid ROM based on Android 13.

Step 8. Reboot and you are ready to go enjoy.

Watch the Full Review Video on CrDroid 9.0 Based on Android 13

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