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by Fahad Mahar

MotoUI MyUI 3.0 is the perfect custom ROM for everyday use with Android 12. MotoUI MyUI 3.0 is basically a complete AOSP that is basically completely definitely based on the challenge that has been released due to keeping the subjects simple, smooth, and streamlined. We provide the best and primarily used devices that are really worth leaving for the day, with more than enough battery life and are ready to clean up the typical primary specific overall performance with Android 12.
However, if you are wondering, why do we need a custom ROM if we already have the manufacturer’s OS? However, modern-day Android rollout and manufacturing can be a constant lifeline manual for increasing delays. Many people are excited to experience the modern Android version.
MotoUI MyUI 3.0 lengthened the manual for a few new gadgets like the Redmi Note 8/8T in a long time. Today we have discovered a feature that this complete guide to download and install MotoUI MyUI 3.0 Android 12 for Redmi Note 8 and MotoUI MyUI 3.0 Android 12 for Redmi Note 8/8T. Will help you along.

Information of MotoUI MyUI 3.0

Android Version: 12

Status: Stable

Updates: 22.08.10

Devices: Redmi Note 8

ROM dari : Moto Edge X30 (GSI)


  • MINT kernel 290
  • FW EEA 12.5.4
  • System by Nippon GSI
  • Vendor by Danascape
  • Added Gcam AGC by Bigkaka (remod camera icon like miui)
  • Add google app
  • Changing file managers
  • DFE
  • Permissive
  • Preroot
  • CTS pass by magisk
  • Forget the rest





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@ExpandX22 (tester)







#MRT_GENG (thanks to all members)

Jika ada kredit yang lupa kami cantumkan.

Kami Mohon maaf.

Download MotoUI MyUI 3.0 Android 12 Custom Rom for Redmi Note 8

Download : Link

How to install MotoUI MyUI 3.0 Android 12 Custom Rom on Redmi Note 8

• 5 wipe (cache, dalvik, data, system, Vendor)
• Flash rom
• Format data
• Reboot sistem

• If the device feels warm, replace the aosp kernel(i forgot, installed mint kernel miui)
• Untuk donasi cukup doa seikhlasnya, atau bantu kita dengannya Kuota internet, agar kita tetap bisa selalu update. 
• Jika ingin curhat jangan melalui PM

• All risks are not borne by the government after you use this rom

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