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by Fahad Mahar


crDroid for Redmi Note 10

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crDroid v8.7 – OFFICIAL | Android 12L. Updated: 22/07/’22

 MaintainerAnush Madathumkara
 Build date2022-07-22
 ZIP size1.2 GB
 Build typeStable



Highlights & Device Specific Changes: Build type: Monthly Device: Redmi Note 10 (mojito/sunny) Device maintainer: Anush Madathumkara (Anush02198) ==== 22 July, 2022 ==== + Based on New Rebased WCSF Kernel + sm6150-common: libinit: Override odm_dlkm and vendor_dlkm props + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Address WFD prop denial + sm6150-common: Drop atrace HIDL service + sm6150-common: Remove TARGET_ENABLE_MEDIADRM_64 + sm6150-common: set debug.sf.latch_unsignaled to 1 + Update Blobs from Stock MIUI release-keys + sm6150-common:Fix mi_thermald related sepolicies + Fix gc related logspam's + Re-implemented F2fsRecessModeEnable + Improved R/W performance. + Improved overall stability. ==== 13 June, 2022 ==== + Update Blobs from MIUI + Uses Rebased WCSF Kernel. + mojito: overlay: Set fps location on x-axis + mojito: overlay: Configure side fps properties + mojito: vAB: Move recovery resources to /vendor_boot + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Add vendor prefix to camera persist file type + sm6150-common: overlay: Enable config_forceMultiResolution + sm6150-common: vAB: Move GSI AVB keys to /vendor_boot + sm6150-common: Fixup Vulkan deQP permission copy + sm6150-common: Fix display animation while AOD on/off screen + sm6150-common: overlay: Decouple suspend from screen state + sm6150-common: Build power-off charging daemon dependency + sm6150-common: editorconfig: Add EditorConfig configuration + sm6150-common: configs: Add interaction boosts + sm6150-common: configs: Set 1 second timeout for interaction boosts + sm6150-common: overlay: Drop display STATE_DOZE + sm6150-common: powerhint: Enable F2FS background GC + sm6150-common: powerhint: Use generic F2FS path provided by init + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Add F2FS sysfs permission ==== 26 April, 2022 ==== + Based on rebased WCS Kernel. + sm6150-common: overlay: Disable wallpaper zooming + sm6150-common: Update surfaceflinger props + sm6150-common: Disable partial FB excl rect + sm6150-common: audio: extend buffer size to 256kb for offload playback + sm6150-common: Enable support for protected content GPU composition + sm6150-common:Remove Display framebuffer flag + sm6150-common: props: Fix rank of OMX audio codec components + sm6150-common: media: Add swap width and height feature + sm6150-common: audio: Remove dynamic attributes from APS config + sm6150-common: audio: Add Stereo config channel support to usb surround sound + sm6150-common: Enable call recording + sm6150-common: use armv8-2a-dotprod + sm6150-common: Symlink libvndfwk_detect_jni.qti for CneApp + sm6150-common: overlay: Enable haptic text cursor + sm6150-common: overlay: Disable proximity usage during doze + sm6150-common: overlay: Enable burn-in protection + sm6150-common: rootdir: Add recovery label + mojito: Inherit vAB makefile from new dir + mojito: Inherit launch_with_vendor_ramdisk for vAB + mojito: fix deprecated power profile items ==== 02 March, 2022 ==== + Update blobs from MIUI 13.0.5 + Based on rebased WCS Kernel. + Added Thermal Profiles + Added Dirac Audio + sdm6150-common: Disable triple buffering + sm6150-common: Make fastrpc_shell_3 publicly available + sm6150-common:Update Some Blobs from LA.UM.9.1.r1-11500.02-SMxxx0.QSSI12.0 + sm6150-common:Add missing zram writeback props + sm6150-common: Use proper dynamic partition size for AB + sm6150-common: prop: Checkout with latest miui13 release + sm6150-common: audio: Remove FM Tuner from input devices + sm6150-common: wifi: Relax WiFi re-association RSSI thresholds + sm6150-common: wifi: Disable RX wakelock feature + sm6150-common: Update surfaceflinger pin for A12 + sm6150-common: parts: Increase BootCompletedReceiver priority + sm6150-common: Use to vendor C2 manifest entry + sm6150-common: overlay: Don't pin renderscript + sm6150-common: Build extphonelib libs + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Address xiaomi parts denials. + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Add mlstrustedsubject attribute to parts. + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Label bootanim color props + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Label more imei props + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Address vendor_dataservice_app denies + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Address telephony denies + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Allow recovery to access pstore + sm6150-common: Don't inherit + sm6150-common: cmdline: Disable kpti + sm6150-common: Add hardware/qcom-caf/wlan to namespaces and wpa_suppl… + sm6150-common: Adding developer GSI keys + mojito:Update Touch Improve blobs from LA.UM.9.1.r1-11500.02-SMxxx0.QSSI12.0 ==== 31 January, 2022 ==== + Update blobs from MIUI 13 + Updated WCS Kernel. + Fixed few sepolicy denials and wakeup nodes. + sm6150-common: prop: Optimise dex flags + sm6150-common: prop: Import commonized audio pcm voip + sm6150-common: overlay: Update config_safe_media_volume_index + sm6150-common: overlay: Drop unused/useless overlays + sm6150-common: prop: Set media vol steps to 25 + sm6150-common: Build media Codec2 modules ==== 14 January, 2022 ==== + Initial Beta build.


CrDroid 8.7 for RN10 : Download

GApps : Download

How to install

  • Download the Rom and Gapps from the links above.
  • Reboot your device into recovery.
  • Format data.
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom and Gapps.
  • Reboot and enjoy.

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