Download Best Gaming ROM for Redmi Note 10 | Corvus OS vs2.1 (Android 12)

by Fahad Mahar

Corvus OS is based on AOSP, with all the useful features required. Our objective is stability while being feature-rich at the same time. We won’t believe that Corvus is better ROM than others, but we will always try to give you the best.


Display Features

  • Ambient Display
  • Always on
  • Custom Options
  • Batter level on the bottom
  • Always on when charging
  • New notifications toggle
  • Lift to check phone
  • Hand wave pulse
  • Pocket notifications on removal
  • Brightness options on Ambient
  • Ambient music ticker
  • Ambient wake gestures
  • Night Light
  • Adaptive Brightness
  • Styles and wallpapers
  • Screen Attention
  • Display Colors
  • Screen Savers
  • Screen rotations
  • Wake on plug
  • Game driver preferences
  • DT2wake


  • Accents
  • Backgrounds
  • Fonts
  • Statusbar Icons
  • Quick Settings syles
  • Theme Schedule

Notification Features

  • Heads up options
  • Charging animation
  • Edge Lighting
  • Blink Flashlight on Call

Lockscreen Features

  • Show status bar on lockscreen
  • Disable QS when locked
  • Lockscreen charging info
  • Lockscreen album art filter
  • Media artwork blur level
  • Shortcuts
  • Charging animation
  • Lockscreen style
  • Fod Icon picker
  • Hide lock icon
  • DT2sleep
  • Lockscreen visualizer

Statusbar Features

  • Battery Customization
  • Charging LED
  • Battery Estimates Toggle
  • Battery Icon Style
  • Battery Percentage
  • Aggressive Battery
  • Battery Bar Customization
  • Custom Statusbar icons


Android: 12

Status: Stable

Released: 09/04/’22

Corvus vS2.1 – UNOFFICIAL | Android 12L.




No bugs


Corvus OS vS2.1 RN10 | Download

Mojito Android 12 Decrypt data zip | Download

How To Install

  • Download the Rom and Decryption zip file from the links above
  • Reboot your phone into the installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything except internal and sd card
  • Go to install and flash download Rom + Decrypt zip
  • Reboot and enjoy

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