BlissRom 6.3 Typhoon Official for Redmi Note 10 Pro Android 13

by Fahad Mahar

BlissRom 6.3 Typhoon Official for Redmi Note 11 Android 13

The customization you want with the privacy you need. BlissRom is an open-source operating system based on Android with customizations, options, and added security features.

It’s more than what you think

A comprehensive overview of features


Focus on design

We include many options for customization and theming throughout the OS



Focused on speed and stability with tweaks to assist in the most demanding applications


Regular updates

Bliss mainterners provide regular updates based on released builds.



Extra options are provided to help tune battery consumption to the best levels


Added Security

We include many options for security and safety throughout the OS


and many more

More options are provided to help tune android to the best levels

Information of BlissRom

BlissROM v16.3 Typhoon – OFFICIAL | Android 13

Updated: 13/01/’23

• Arian, Adarsh device sources
• Aryannn999 for sources.
• Aniket katoch ( for testing

By @Pavanpadamata


• Gapps and motodolby is included
• Sleepy Kernel is Default kernel


  • added hardware/xiaomi from lineageos
  • sweet: overlay: Set preferred refresh rate on keyguard to 60
  • sweet: Update the s5kgw3 camera libraries from MIUI V13.0.9.0.SKFINXM
  • sweet: Drop xiaomi touchfeature hal
  • sweet: overlay: Disable battery light settings
  • sm6150-common: Import OzoProcessing from MIUI Alioth EU
  • sm6150: Remove audio postprocess effects and add OZO Processing
  • sm6150-common: Add Missing Media Codecs
  • sm6150-common: Add battery saving props
  • sm6150-common: props: Don’t write binary XML files
  • sm6150-common: props: Enable QCRIL radio power saving
  • sm6150-common: Enable Seamless Transfer support
  • sm6150-common: props: Fix Lockscreen unlock wakeup delay
  • sm6150-common: props: Force triple frame buffers
  • drop : Iorap
  • sm6150-common: wifi: Switch gEnablePowerSaveOffload to 5
  • Revert “sm6150-common: Import OzoProcessing from MIUI Alioth… … EU”
  • sm6150-common: drop android.hardware.tetheroffload.config manifest
  • sm6150-common: Pin Google’s SystemUI instead of AOSP’s
  • sm6150-common: Optimise dex flags
  • sm6150-common: props: Add few props for performance
  • sm6150-common: rootdir: Enable suspend to RAM
  • sm6150-common: wifi: tune bmps listening interval
  • sm6150-common: gps: Update to LA.UM.9.1.r1-13000-SMxxx0.QSSI13.0
  • sm6150-common: dolby: Add dolby mediacodecs support
  • sm6150-common: Import OzoProcessing from Miui Alioth EU
  • sm6150-common: Import missing blobs
  • sweet: Update the s5kgw3 camera libraries from MIUI V13.0.9.0.SKFINXM
  • sweet: Drop xiaomi touchfeature hal

Notes –

  • No MIUI cam.
  • Sleepy Kernel by default.
  • Use this GCam for use all lenses.
  • Recommended Gapps is NikGapps for Vanilla Build.
  • OrangeFox recovery is Recommended.

Download BlissRom 16.3 for Redmi Note 11

How to install BlissRom

Please Note this Rom will work only on Redmi Note 10 Pro. The process of installing BlissRom on Redmi Note 10 Pro is pretty much simple and it will be easier for those who are familiar with installing Custom Roms on their Android Phones So without any further due let’s get started.

Step 1. Make sure the bootloader of your phone is unlocked (The Bootloader unlocking video is down below must check if your Bootloader is not yet unlocked).

Step 2. After unlocking the Bootloader of your device install TWRP Recovery on your Redmi Note 10 Pro (Download TWRP Recovery from here and watch the installation video from below).

Step 3. After installing TWRP Recovery on Redmi Note 10 Pro. Download the BlissROM from the Download section above.

Step 4. So After downloading the Rom store it in the internal storage or in the SD Card or any External storage device.

Step 5. Reboot your Redmi Note 10 Pro into the TWRP Recovery by pressing and holding the Power button + Volume button for 3-5 seconds.

Step 6. Format the data or go to advanced wipe and select and wipe everything except internal storage and sd card.

Step 7. Now go to install and flash downloaded BlissRom based on Android 13.

Step 8. Reboot and you are ready to go enjoy.

Watch the Full Review Video

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